Ice Fishing Rods and Combos from Legendary Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam Ice Fishing rods featuring the ultra-light Titanium Tip Stick, the world’s first carbon fiber ice fishing rod with a built-in retractable titanium spring bobber are quality rods you can trust. The high-visibility orange bite indicator means you will never miss a fish on the line. Our carbon fiber line of ice fishing rods are great all-around ice rods that come in a variety to lengths and actions. Our Noodle fiberglass ice fishing rods are great rods that are 100% glass construction. Features a unique machined ice fishing specific soft tip for soft bites " no spring bobber needed" Hi-Vis orange bead and tip for detecting light biters.  Powder coated lightweight stainless line guides.

Beaver Dam Ice Fishing, formerly The Arctic Fisherman, has been producing the legendary Beaver Dam tip-ups for more than 50 years.

Now, Beaver Dam also offers three varieties of ice fishing poles available in glass, carbon fiber and titanium.

Each Beaver Dam ice rod comes in multiple lengths with an optional cold-weather spool and reel combo. Featuring a 3-ball bearing reel, aluminum spool, heavy wire bail and cold-weather grease, this spool assembly will never freeze, even in the coldest ice fishing environments.

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